We Are Huttlin

Helping you navigate the world of e-bike production.

Who We Are

Huttlin is a one-stop e-bike service provider.

Our mission is about helping people create impeccable e-bike products all around the globe. We help brands manage their production to ensure that they have a steady supply of products to sell in their respective markets.


We are the production partner you need in order to thrive in this competitive landscape. We help you watch over your supply chain, perform quality control, and be the creative companion in crafting innovative and beautiful e-bicycles that stand out.


At Huttlin, we take pride in providing our clients with peace of mind in their production process. We understand how the industry works and how much time and effort is put into not only production but also on the marketing side of e-bikes. Hence, we help lift most of the production burden off of our clients’ shoulders so that they can focus entirely on managing their sales.

Our Vision

We aim to be the leading e-bike service provider in China powered by innovation and continuous improvement while paving the way for environmentally sustainable production.

Our Mission

 Our steps in achieving our goal are:


Become an essential bridge that helps suppliers provide better service and experience.


Encourage our assembly partners and customers to engage in eco-friendly production.


Become a one-stop e-bike solution provider in the supplier market as well as the consumer market.

Our Culture

Huttlin strives to create a company culture that empowers an honest, creative and independent workforce. We are proud of the work we have accomplished, and much of the credit goes to our unique culture.

Working Together with People who Matter

The work we do matters to the people we help. Hence, we spare no effort to forge healthy relationships with our clients, suppliers and team members to create fruitful outcomes for all parties involved.


Our honesty is demonstrated in how we work and how we communicate. We provide complete transparency into the successes, and sometimes failures, of our business as we grow and evolve.


We take pleasure in working with a diverse pool of clients, and fortunately for us, our clients take pleasure in working with us too! Our openness and respect with our clients have made our work more meaningful, engaging, and fun.

Our Team



Our E-bike Expert


General Manager

Our Administrative Manager


QC Manager

Our Quality Control Inspector

Dong Dong

QC Team Member

Our Quality Control Inspector


QC Team Member

Xi Fu

QC Team Member


Assistant to the GM

Our Milestones

Because every achievement should be celebrated.

Huttlin was established. We started with managing e-bike deliveries to Germany.


Transformed from being a B2C company to a B2B company after receiving countless requests for quality control services from OEM brands.


Huttlin Pedelecs Private Limited (HK) was registered.


Established a long term business relationship with an assembly factory in Hangzhou.


Started our first e-bike production in Bangladesh.


Launched our first e-bike production in Taiwan.


Let’s Talk

We are here to help you. Your feedback, comments, and questions are always welcome at Huttlin. Reach out to us today.

Holger Huettlin


Our E-bike Expert

Holger is the brains behind the production of exceptional e-bike products for our clients. He has gained a comprehensive knowledge of bicycle mechanics and engineering and understands the broad bicycle culture, especially in Western culture. With a keen eye for design, he has helped several companies craft e-bikes that stand out from the crowd.

Cheri Huettlin

General Manager

Our Administrative Manager

Cheri has a talent for organisation and communication. She is responsible for the administrative tasks and keeping all projects in check. Her ability to communicate well across many cultures has proved her to be one of the company’s biggest asset in dealing with suppliers and our valued clients. Cheri is the backbone of the company.