Huttlin’s dedication to quality e-bikes.

The Journey
So Far

The Journey So Far

10 Years

in the industry

Clients from

Germany, Australia, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Canada, USA

In 2022, we inspected

CKD bikes
Huttlin Quality

Huttlin Quality Sticker

Inspected with knowledge, handled with care.
With the growing demand for e-bikes, the Huttlin Quality Sticker is a certification mark representing our commitment to quality, safety, and reliability in the e-bike industry. It provides a vital assurance for customers that they are choosing a product that has been thoroughly tested and certified for performance and durability.

Our Assurance to Riders

Inspected with knowledge, handled with care.
Huttlin Quality embodies the brand’s unwavering commitment to producing e-bikes that prioritise rider safety and quality. From the selection of materials to the final assembly, every aspect of the manufacturing process is approached with precision and attention to detail.

Your Trusted Partner for E-Bike Quality Control

Huttlin is committed to ensuring that every e-bike meets the highest standards of quality and safety.
Our inspection process includes:


No MOQ required for bike or parts inspection.


Able to engage in any phase of the production process.


Easy communication between suppliers, customers and our team via WeChat group chats.


80 to 100 e-bikes are inspected daily, with 100% test rides.


Customers will receive daily email updates and a final QC report at the end of the inspection.

Comprehensive Inspection Services for Bike Components

We provide our clients with a comprehensive and reliable inspection process that ensures the quality and safety of their e-bikes. Our inspections cover various aspects, such as frame and fork inspections, inspections of CKD parts, as well as production audits. This ensures that the correct parts are produced in the desired manner and quantity and are packed securely for safe transportation.


Optical Inspection

Our experts check the bike’s frame, fork and parts for defects or abnormalities.

Technical Check

We measure each component against a drawing or Bill of Materials (BOM) specifications to ensure that they are up to standard.



Alignment Check

(Applicable for Frame & Fork Inspections)

Our team examines the alignment of the frames and forks on the alignment table to verify that the alignment process was done correctly. They also do sample installations of motors, batteries, brakes, and wheels (where applicable) as an additional step in the verification process.

Sampling Size

To ensure accuracy and thoroughness, we follow ISO standards for sampling size, which dictates the minimum number of parts that must be inspected in a batch.