A One-stop E-bike Service Provider

Huttlin is a reputable solutions provider for all things e-bike. We aim to share our knowledge and expertise in the field with e-bike brands around the globe so they can flourish in their respective markets and bring impeccable bicycle products to the world.

In 2021, we inspected

CKD bikes

Why Choose Us

Industry Focused

E-bikes are our speciality. We fully understand the industry inside and out. Hence, our clients avoid unnecessary delays or production loss due to poor planning and incompetence.

Technical Expertise

We have a genuine passion and flair for bicycle design. Our team members are excited to be your creative partner in crafting amazing e-bikes that are ergonomic and visually appealing.

Aftersales Support

We are with you every step of the way, even after! Our line of communication is kept open with the provision of post-production assistance and protection. You can always count on us for fast responses and strong support.

Multicultural Approach

With the best of both the East and the West, our international collaborations have only benefitted our company by building an open-minded culture that welcomes diverse perspectives and ideas.

Clear Communication

Our team members are fluent in many languages, enabling us to create a global network of suppliers. We practice respectful communication with all parties involved, which we believe is key in fostering successful business conducts.

Experienced Team

Our experience gives us the upper hand. We are well-versed and continually update ourselves with the latest international standards of e-bicycle production. Our expertise has welded us into a detail-oriented team, paying close attention to every minor detail.

The Extension Of Your Team

Huttlin is about helping e-bike companies to improve their efficiency and production quality. We handpick our people for their skills and expertise to be the best for our clients, consumers, bicycle enthusiasts, and communities. Work with us to see a difference.

Let’s Talk

We are here to help you. Your feedback, comments, and questions are always welcome at Huttlin. Reach out to us today.